Freshers’, UAB and Freshers’

No, this is not a typo but as Freshers’ (with a sprinkle of First Year Talks) has completely dominated our lives for several weeks (or in the case of Andy & Sarah Day, since October 2016) I thought it was worth a double mention.


Well, how did it go?  From my view (as transport queen – loved the hi-vis as I’ve never felt so powerful and important), it was smooth sailing all the way.  Another amazing Fayre to welcome all our new Freshers’ and I am (as every year), blown away by how such a small group of people manage to put together such a huge event.  Hats off, deep bows and big hugs to our amazing Events Team (ably assisted by the rest of the UPSU mob of course).  PURPLE POWER





I am now standing down as official tea maker for the extraordinary Ms Day and will resume normal POM duties.







So what’s been happening in P25 / Future Union world?


UAB have now joined the fold and have been introduced to the Future Union Project (and the peas).  It was really interesting to hear them explain why they ran for post as there was a lot of talk about wanting to engage more students and this really fits nicely with why we embarked on this project all those months ago.  I’m keenly awaiting new volunteers to be our UAB Project Champion for 17/18.  We will also be calling on UAB for help when we test out Values and Guiding Principles as part of the strategy development.





At Freshers’ Fayre I was excited to see all our Future Union blurb come to life in a big way (quite literally)on pallet towers, banners and in all our info packs.  Hopefully this will have succeeded in raising some awareness among our new and old students.







Memories for this year ………………… well, where do I start?


  • Poor Brendan had a near miss with a dropping conker (might need H&S signage next year)!
  • Laurie’s hair is the place to store emergency cable ties
  • If you wear a hi-vis jacket people ask you lots of questions
  • The flags have now been photographically documented so we don’t end up with ‘spare’ bits next year
  • Presumably calling someone ‘flower’ is not officially recognised radio etiquette terminology??
  • Campo’s cheerleading – pompoms as a secret santa gift?
  • Stock squad (aka purple army human chain) – team work at it’s bestest
  • Discovering that Sabb hoodies are remarkably similar to normal hoddies as I found out when found wearing Campo’s – shows how observant we all are as no-one noticed for 48 hours!





Much better than the chicken conversation which has stuck in my mind from last year ( I won’t go into details again).




So it’s now time to pick up my again and dive back into Project 25 / Future Union.  Updates will follow as soon as we have stuff to tell you.


Catch you soon UPSUers






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