All About Awareness

Well that’s a serious blog title!  Thought I’d throw you all off by not mentioning anything unrelated to Project25 / Future Union.  No mention of cheese, puppies or even peas!  You might be wondering if I’m feeling ok but don’t worry, I’m fine but just had such a productive meeting with Head Honcho of Marketing our very own Jasper, that I had to share so you know what’s coming and are able to answer questions if students ask.  Therefore this blog is all about Staff Awareness of the Student Awareness Campaign (in short – AWARENESS)!


So what is the AIM (in case you haven’t already guessed) of the Student Awareness Campaign and what ACTIVITIES will we be undertaking:







Vlad and Co have converted my ramblings into coherent information for the Union Guide and they are using the badging on some of the leaflets we have (where appropriate).






Some examples are:


The P25 website and all references to P25 have been changed to Future Union (although the blog will still be called P25 as the project is continuing internally to support Future Union planning).  Check out the soon to be updated website


We have also updated the enquiries email address to and given students an option to register their interest in getting involved in the future.


As you can see – we’ve been busy and the hopeful outcome is that students will register interest or at least be aware that changes for the better are coming and will have background information already when we ask for their help on various aspects.


Please come and talk to a member of the Project Team if you have any questions.  I’ll be back from holidays before Freshers and circulating a fabulous reminder of all the Mindful Tools we have amalgamated over the last few years so we get through Freshers’ intact – I hope you’ll be reminded of something you forgot we had 🙂


Until next time Future Unioners!




PS – I’ve added a link from the Staff Dashboard to the Blog in case you ever need to find it in a hurry (not sure if this will ever happen but good to be prepared!!)


















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