Dev Day, Cheese Straws and Strategy Talk

Good Afternoon UPSUers (or good morning if you’ve saved blog time for your morning brew)



Lots to talk about as it’s been a few weeks since my last blog offering, but lets start with the Dev Day yesterday.  Always good to get together as a team and we had a great spread for UPSU does ‘come lunch with me’.  Not a lot left over and glad my cheesy offerings went down ok!




The resilience training was really interesting and hopefully you all got as much out of it as I did.  Kinda knew I was a Bull (although, to be honest I have a little owl in me as well) but didn’t realise how many Doves we had.  I will definitely find the info useful and try to ‘Bull’ in a more dove friendly fashion.  Personally, I couldn’t do my job without a mixture of Owls, Doves and of course our fun loving Monkeys and it’s good to see where we all sit so we can work better together.





It was also really interesting to learn about how we can categorise all the things going on in our lives and hopefully take control of those things we can control, influence things we can influence and work on letting go of those things that we can’t do anything about.







And lets’s not forget the power of support.  We are a team and supporting each other is what makes us great and a fab place to work.  Let’s get resilient and be even fabber (Chezza – I’ll be buying you that invisibility cloak for Christmas)!





Right, well this is supposed to be a blog about P25 / Future Union and I’ve got a bit side tracked (yes I know – easily done).  The blogs gone a bit quiet on the P25 front recently but as you heard from Anna’s update, it’s because we’ve been getting our heads around strategic planning (you did see the face it makes us pull – brain hurting a lot).  However all this planning will tell us the actions we need to take to turn Future Union from an idea into reality.  There will be two phases:

  1. 2018-2021
  2. 2021-2025

We now have some draft aims, which are that by 2025 we will be:

  • Having meaningful conversations to capture the rights, needs and wants of every UoP student
  • Taking action to provide equity of access for every UoP student to opportunities that add value to their degree and meet their needs
  • Have the resources in place to sustain these impacts for the future

However, as Anna reiterated ‘we cannot become what we want by remaining where we are’, which means that we will have to make some changes (but we all knew that already didn’t we as this is the reason we started this process 18 months ago).  So what are the next steps ……

The P25 project group will continue to analyse all the information that came from the Staff Ideas Forum and refine, with external expert advice and Leadership and Trustee input:

  • What the Union structure will be – what areas of work will deliver the Final Future Union Model
  • What the staffing of those areas of work look like

We should be able to share more detail with you about this by mid Autumn and we will keep you informed of what’s happening but bear with us while we make sure that what happens is the right thing in the right order.



In the meantime, the Student Awareness Campaign will be kicking off and this means you will be seeing the new Future Union branding appearing to show students that things are changing for the better and we will be asking for their help (big shout out to the Marketing Team for all their hard work in this campaign and the new fancy pants branding).




Final bit of blogging – remember those Impacts.    Lets keep celebrating (with a massive round of applause, especially for our hug loving, applause champion Research Coordinator), all those fab Wins we have but lets also start celebrating in a big way all the Impacts we have on our students.


WINS = things we have achieved


IMPACTS = the difference we have made


This should really help us achieve our vision of having ‘A Positive Impact with EVERY Portsmouth Student’

You know where I am if you want to talk and don’t forget that Fern is the Staff Champion for Project 25 and is available to talk through anything that may be on your minds.


Try not to develop the strategy face, ask before it gets to that!




Until next time