All Things Sabb, Student Awareness Campaign & Puppies

Hello UPSUers!


There’s been a bit of change in the Union recently.  We said goodbye to our lovely out-going Sabbs 🙁 and welcomed our fabulous new Sabbs 🙂  The dedication and hard work of our out-going Sabbs has been immense and they have been great fun to work with (as the picture demonstrates).

Lots of mixed emotions as we send the famous 5 off to new and exciting challenges and induct the shiny new 5 into the crazy world of UPSU and of course the P25/Future Union cult.  This has left me with quite a challenge, how do you summarise 2 years of intense work into a 2o minute presentation to try and give the new Sabbs some insight into the world of P25 the day before a Trustees meeting?  In traditional UPSU fashion – chocolate helped and their engagement and enthusiasm for what we are aspiring to achieve was awesome.



I’m looking forward to all the exciting things we are going to do together in the final year of Project 25.




So, what else has been happening in the world of P25 ………

We are currently planning a Student Awareness Campaign in the run up to, and during, the Freshers’ period.  The aim of this is to raise awareness of the Future Union Project so that any future consultation with students on possible changes has some prior background context / knowledge.  We are looking at a number of activities, some of which could be:

  • Inclusion in the Union Guide
  • Inclusion in the Welcome Packs for halls
  • Inclusion in the Freshers’ Guide
  • Boards on the fencing and use of the pallet towers at Freshers’ Fayre
  • Link to the Annual Survey
  • Update of the P25 website to reflect the Future Union message
  • Using iconography on existing activities/materials to symbolise and demonstrate a link to the Future Union work

Jasper has been using his P25 Comms Champion brain to help make this campaign a reality (big thanks to him) and we will of course keep you informed.




Thought I’d throw in a quick reminder of the Primary Function of the Future Union.  I’m sure you don’t need it but sometimes it’s good to go back to basics 🙂





Final word for today ……………………………… puppies!

Completely unrelated to anything work (when has that ever stopped me?!) but there’s been a lot of dog/puppy talk in the UPSU world this week with many new additions to the UPSU doggie family.  Lucie & Ted, Beth & Bella along with the already established dog men Tom with his Molly Dog & Bertie and Jasper with Honey – I’m sure there are quite a few more as well!  I’m just a little bit excited about my new arrival RODNEY!  Sorry (not sorry) if I start to bore you with pictures of him but he is ridiculously cute ……..

That’s all for now UPSUers!




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