Heat, Strategic Planning & Sports Day Laughter

It’s hot.  I don’t mean ‘oh what a lovely day let’s go and sit outside’ hot, I mean hot ‘I think my brain has stopped working in this heat’ hot.  Don’t get me wrong, I love nice weather but I’m a delicate little flower and when it gets like this I just start wilting (unless of course it’s on a Greek beach and I can jump in the sea to cool off).


If I go missing from my office you might find me chilling out in the fridge aisle at the Co-op.  We are encouraged to remote work and I’m sure they won’t mind if I take up residence next to the sandwiches (or maybe the frozen peas – not completely done with them yet)??



So, with much concentration from my heat addled brain, I’ll update you on what’s going on in the world of P25 / Future Union …..



Staff Ideas Forum

I’ll start with SIF.  We held stage 2 before I went on holiday and as always, the Project Team were astounded at the commitment and enthusiasm of UPSU staff.  The groups came up with lots of ideas and just to reiterate Toms email, they didn’t discuss people or current roles, they were purely looking at ideas that could help us in the future.  There were lots of thoughts about how we could make the Future Union happen and how functions could be integrated / crossover / agile with horizontal departments rather than vertical.  The Project Team & SMT will be meeting in July to analyse all the ideas and suggestions.














Strategic Planning

The SIF information and all the other pre-work streams we are currently working on, will feed the strategic planning process which starts in August (although pre-planning has already started and some of you may have seen some strategy pre-planning information already).  If you need a refresher on our current strategy then it is available here:


A Way Of Life was a 3 year plan 2014-17:

  • Making Life Easier
  • Life Changing Opportunities
  • Empowering the Student Voice


The final year (Empowering the Student Voice) was extended for a further year to cover August 2017 – July 2018 and enable the P25 process to be undertaken.  The new strategy which will start in August 2018 (and is being developed this year) will be the process we use to make the Future Union reality.  Hopefully the timeline below will help explain the process:


Q1 (Aug 17 – Oct 17) Q3 (Feb 18 – Apr 18) Q4 (May 18 – July 18) Q1 (Aug 18 – Oct 18)
Strategic Planning Commences Sign off new Strategy Embedding into Teams (POM handover to OMT) Start 18-21 Strategy

Obviously, you will all be involved in developing the new strategy, as will as many students as possible.  Please come and talk to me or any member of the Project Team if you have any questions.


Just one final thing to note, if you didn’t come and watch the sports day on Friday you missed another fun day.  Huge well done to Sport & Rec for organising the event.




The Big Question is:

  • How many UPSU staff can you fit through an small inflatable opening?

The Answer:

  • Not as many as they thought and certainly not all at the same time!


I’ve tried to recreate the moment but if you haven’t seen the video from our President Elect then do try and catch it.  Well worth a watch 🙂







Until next time P25 / Future Unioners




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