Themes, Freshers’ Planning and Sunshine

I had high hopes for a fantastic sun filled weekend as Friday was glorious but for some reason it all went a bit wrong weather wise.   Despite that, I hope you all enjoyed the thundery bank holiday.



Time for a quick blogette before I head to sunny Greece for a week of lazing around in the sunshine.




In P25/Future Union world this week we’re moving onto the second Staff Ideas Forum (or SIF as I like to call it, as I do like a good acronym – FACA being my obvious favourite).  We’ll be moving on from the work and ideas we came up with last session but I thought I’d share some themes that came from session 1 in early May:



We put some thoughts into what workflows could work well together and what could possibly stand alone.


The common themes from the Staff and Sabb Groups are:



Theme 1: Listening and Acting could be a way of working with independent functions
Theme 2: Expert Academic Advice and Operations could stand alone
Theme 3: Finance and Technology could stand alone but with some links
Theme 4: Student Group Support and Proactive Engagement could be linked strongly
Theme 5: Academic Experience and Home of Student Reps could be linked strongly



Theme 1: The Union could be a skills aligned organisation
Theme 2: Finance & Operations functions could be stand alone
Theme 3: Research, Communications, Projects & Technology could be functions that integrate through advocates or skilled staff but have an autonomous oversight to ensure balance
Theme 4: Expert Academic Advice & Training And Development could be functions that are predominantly independent but have a crossover with other services
Theme 5: Student Group Support, Proactive Engagement, Academic Experience & Home Of Student Rep Support could be grouped as ‘student focussed’ functions which could have multiple crossover elements with some key areas of specialism.

Note: Democratic Functions could have sat in Theme 4 or Theme 5


We also looked at what we might need to move us from the Current Union Model to the Future Union Model and interestingly, there was lots of common thinking by the groups including thoughts and ideas around:

  • 24/7 planning
  • Research and how we use it
  • Mindset change – being agile and taking risks
  • More review of what we do
  • Shift of focus to ALL students
  • Develop good community links
  • Better understanding of student body
  • More agile democratic structures (listen to students in the way they want to be listened to)


Moving on, this week the groups will be looking at how these themes and ideas could be used to build the Future Union.  Remember – no decisions are being made and nothing is confidential so please ask.


We’re also planning for Freshers’ and will be looking at raising awareness of the Future Union Project so that students will have some background understanding when we next ask for their help and thoughts.



Catch you in a few weeks (hopefully sun kissed and chilled) – until next time



PS – these are actual sunsets from where I’m heading off to 🙂

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