Celebrations, Forums and Training Wheels

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the life of a POM. I’ve done everything from training courses, committee meetings and staff forums to organising children’s birthday parties (human hungry hippos anyone – thanks for the loan of the balls goes out to the Voice Team and it really should be considered for the Sabb leaving do!)




All you need is balls, buckets, skateboards and a couple of willing hippos!






So onto P25……



The first meeting of the Staff Forum was last week and we threw some challenging thinking at the group and I have to say, they responded amazingly. I’m not sure why I was surprised, as by now I should be aware that UPSU has fab staff, but the way the group got stuck in with such engagement and enthusiasm was a joy to see. We’ll be completing the same exercise with the Sabbs this week with further sessions booked in for early June.


As I mentioned at Bridge this week, nothing confidential is being discussed and no decisions are coming from these sessions. It’s just floating those ideas so feel free to chat to each other about thoughts and suggestions.





Which bring me onto a very important if somewhat sad topic (cue sad pea face).






I realised this week that the time for pea talk will eventually end. Don’t worry, P25 is still around and will be for a good while yet, but as we’ve now decided on the Future Union Model we need to start thinking in Future Union terms. P25 was only ever going to be around for the planning stages (remember, P25 is the change management project which will be finishing next year) and we will still be talking about it but we need to remember that it’s now running alongside the Future Union until this can set sail on it’s own.



Think of P25 as being the training wheels of the Future Union which will eventually not be needed.









Freshers Ideas…..

We’ve been discussing this week about how we can talk to students at Freshers about the exciting things we’re doing at the Union. The feeling is that we want something ‘fun and simple’ that will be relevant to Freshers so if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I’ll be doing the rounds to talk to anyone involved last year to see what worked.


Other thoughts going through my head this week ……

The need for cloning was a topic in the Events Office this week. Imagine lots of Sarahs running around doing their Sarah thing controlled by one Chief Sarah. It’s been a busy time of year in Events and this seemed like a possible solution at the time. In hindsight, maybe we went slightly off track from practical solution based thinking?


The Dev Day was also an interesting event. Among the serious stuff was a session on staff celebration events. We are an inventive (if not always practical) bunch of people. Highlights for me included:

  • Tom’s outstanding acting – that was one realistic piece of corpsing but we never did find out ‘who dunnit’??
  • Purple Presents – especially if mine is cheese of course!
  • The Boat Outing – with appropriate health and safety assessments (life jackets all round).
  • The Something for Everyone Day sounds like it would have something for everyone so who can complain at that!
  • And I know all of you want to see the Spice Girls come back to the stage (I’ve decided I’ll be Sporty as the outfit is easier than Scarey).

I’m looking forward to what comes of this and OMT will be looking at how to take this forward and make this happen …………


So enough from me for now.  As always, come and find me if you want to talk.



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  1. I love the thinking around P25 being the training wheels for the Future Union

    You always manage to make me laugh but also make me proud to be part of this whole movement forward

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