Chocolate, Money Talk and New Thinking

Two things on my mind this week (apart from P25 of course):

  1. Chocolate
  2. Money

So let’s get these out of the way first otherwise I will just ramble on.


Lets start with chocolate …..




I’m now living in what can only be described as a chocolate shop which raises the question – how much chocolate is too much chocolate??  Normally I would say there’s no such things as too much chocolate but even I (the self confessed chocoholic – yes, in addition to cheese, I also have chocolate issues), am finding the amount of chocolate in my house quite intimidating.  I’m seriously thinking of bringing it to work to feed to the Events Office resident chocolate inhaler (you know who you are).  





Just on a side note, I have noticed the introduction of the Chees-Easter egg if anyone is buying for me next year!


So why is money on my mind …..

More specifically, my first experience of UPSU does budgets.  Words cannot describe the 2 days of budget refinement.  It has to be experienced to be believed.  An all inclusive, negotiation of all negotiations with an incredible team of people working together to thrash out difficult decisions.




We didn’t work in euros but with Brexit steaming ahead I thought I’d throw some in for funsies.







Anyway, (I rambled as always even though I promised I wouldn’t – sorry) what’s been going on in P25 Land?


What I’ve noticed from the budget days is the very obvious change in the way we are all thinking.  We are thinking agilely and flexibly and looking at new ways of doing things for our students.  The phrase ‘ it’s the way we’ve always done it’ appears to be null and void in the new UPSU way of thinking and it’s amazing to think that P25 has already had an impact on our culture.  Research and how this can be best achieved across the whole Union was a big discussion point in the budget and it’s definitely a function that’s moving forward this year!  In addition to our normal budgeting and finance processes, we are also talking to our financial consultants about P25 to make sure we have expertise behind us in everything we are doing.



The Staff Ideas Forums first gatherings have been set for May to look at different options and come up with ideas to give the Project Team and Board of Trustees a steer on what possibilities we think would best deliver all the things set out in the model – hopefully we will see lots of ideas.


New thinking and new ideas – exciting to see what could happen ………..




Remember that these groups will not be making decisions, they are to help us gather ideas which we might like to implement – it’s important we all work together to come up with things we might like to do.  If we do get to a point where we think we would like to make some changes we will formulate a plan and follow formal consultation procedures.


Don’t forget to come and talk me if you have any questions about P25.  I’m usually at my desk or around the Union somewhere and happy to talk through anything that might be on your mind.


Anyway, due to the previously mentioned budget days, I started drafting this blog at 5.30pm!  Unheard of for me to be at my desk that late and I’m not sure I liked it.  Start early, finish early is my motto – ahhh the beauty of flexitime 🙂


Until next time P25ers



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