Hybrids, Lock Ins and Sogginess

In case you haven’t heard, the FACAs (Finance & Central Administration Team in case you didn’t know and thought I was being rude!) were locked in a room this week. You might wonder what we’d done to deserve this – have those financial procedures at last driven the rest of the staff to breaking point? Actually, no! It was in fact a development day teamwork exercise and we managed to escape within the hour 🙂





I’d put more details about how the team worked together (especially the fiddler – you know who you are), but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for any future escapees. Needless to say, we worked well together and got out in time (just).






The gauntlet has been thrown down by the FACAs 58 mins and 21 seconds. Beat that UPSuers!


So onto P25.  Remember those Roadshows we had back in February? These led to some very interesting discussions with University staff and that has led to the Project Team looking again at both Models. What came through very strongly from the University is that Training & Development is very important and that the Union should be heavily involved in delivering this and Comms was felt to be very important as well.

Also talked about a lot by University staff was the enhanced Support in Model B and that this should be provided by the University (My Port Project) and the Union’s role should be championing the University on areas that are not meeting student needs.

This led to the hybrid model which we will be taking forward, which is essentially Model B but without the enhanced support function, which instead of being in the Union would sit with the University (our first outsourcing). The Union would continue to provide the excellent support to students that it currently offers in the Advice Centre, with expert independent academic representation that only we can offer and using partners and signposting to support students. Click below to see the hybrid:

P25 Final Hybrid Model



Be careful if you come near me this week as there’s a very good chance I’ll spill something on you. Yesterday I had what can only be described as a ‘clumsy’ day and the result was slightly soggy computers, mice, keyboards and paperwork (and the plurals are not typos).

Adds an edge to your presentation style if you are distracted by the puddle of water moving slowly towards where you are perched on the desk while trying to stop your soggy notes from disintegrating as you speak.  Hopefully the Trustees didn’t notice too much!




Final quick note – thank you for all the volunteers for the new Staff Ideas Forum. We will be emailing this week and putting dates in diaries soon.

Final, final quick note – I’ve uploaded some survey information. Check it out here.


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